The Arroha Wellness programme

Feel accepted. Feel loved. Feel special.

“You are perfect at this precise moment, perfect beyond any quantifiable measure”
Trushar Patel, Founder of Arroha Wellness

Change your weight by changing your thinking.

Carrying excess body weight is a major health risk and can impact all aspects of your wellbeing. With healthy weight loss, you simply feel more comfortable in your body and can move around more freely.

The health benefits of having reduced body fat are endless. The risk of heart disease and diabetes maybe reduced alongside various other risks associated with poor health. Your breathing rhythm may also improve due to being your ideal body weight.  

Reaching your ideal body weight is key to amazing health and wellbeing.

The Arroha Wellness programme

This is advanced technology working with your mindset and thinking patterns. This programme embeds a completely new attitude towards self care and wellbeing.

It is an intensive programme held over a two day period. It is engineered for participants who are serious about their wellbeing and have experienced long term issues. If you have spent many years trying diets and exercise programmes without achieving results then this programme can offer you a more lasting solution as it addresses core issues within your thinking patterns.

A prerequisite for the programme is to successfully complete a comprehensive questionnaire.