Wellbeing Excellence

Organisational wellbeing. Human performance. Loving culture.

Arroha Wellness can deliver high quality wellness training solutions. Arroha combines wellness expertise with the ability to adapt to your organisation’s culture. Our approach can be tailored for senior executives, management and associates, respectively.

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes”
Peter Drucker

Health & Wellness through knowledge

Arroha Wellness can deliver bespoke training solutions to a wide range of blue chip organisations and professional services firms as part of their ongoing commitment to operational excellence and organisational culture.

The engine room demands of the global business sphere run across all hours hence there is no scope for any neurasthenia. Arroha can bring excellence by ensuring business performance is mixed with wellness.

Inspire a culture of wellness

You can appreciate that the success of any business is dependent on its people. Systems can change and processes can be streamlined however to shift a person’s mindset is next to impossible. You are living in a time where the world’s financial districts are full of stressed, overworked employees, on the edge of being burnt out. The state of mind of your team members is directly correlated to their performance and the organisation’s performance as a whole. How can you ensure your team members are enriched with health, wellbeing & vitality?

A healthy team is a happy team. A happy team then forms a successful department eventually forming a culture of wellbeing excellence. A culture required for sustainability and to provide you with an acute competitive edge.

Arroha Wellness is pioneering a unique concept within the global corporate wellness space.


Turn your company into an Arroha Wellness success story.

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Here’s what people say about us so far.

“The train the trainer approach is outstanding.  I can now teach others these techniques”

“I have been deeply moved by the emotional exercises.”

“It is a gift to know Trushar, he can address core concerns in an articulate manner.”