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Arroha Wellbeing was founded by Trushar Patel, Wellbeing Corporate Trainer, Management Consultant and Qualified Accountant.  Trushar has completely transformed his life, both physically and emotionally by losing approximately 100lbs of body mass and over half his body fat percentage. His health and mindset have been transformed leading to a more positive lifestyle embedding a complete attitude of wellbeing. He has achieved a complete personality transformation.

Having spent many years working for Tier 1 investment banks and financial services firms within finance and management consulting, he can perfectly appreciate the issues and challenges faced by busy city professionals. Trushar is unique to the wellbeing industry as he combines ancient eastern wisdom and traditional Ayurveda with recent developments within the field of psychology to produce pioneering life transformational techniques. 

Trushar, as a city accountant who has transformed his physical body and lifestyle, is well equipped to serve your needs.

“I feel very excited to provide our services to you. Having personally experienced poor health, I truly appreciate the importance of solid all round wellbeing. It is critical that your daily lifestyle embeds a mindset of wellbeing. Amidst the modern work environment, it is key for any company to appreciate the importance of wellbeing and implement appropriate measures. If you have any questions then do reach out to me and I look forward to working with you.”


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The Arroha signature weightchange programme for weight management.

Change how you perceive yourself using an approach that develops personal acceptance.

Keynote Speaking Engagement

Public speaking | Panel discussions | Private speaking engagements – EMEA and North America region

Examples of keynote presentations that can be delivered

Corporate Wellbeing

Accounting for the team health & wellbeing to form a happier work environment.

The Psychology of Personal Charisma

Build solid relationships with emotional intelligence.

Emotional Communication

Build results focused social dynamics within your firm.

Ayurveda for working professionals

Practical Ayurveda wellbeing tips for working professionals.

The Psychology of Weightloss

Learn how self-perception and self-love play a key role towards body fat retention.

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